01 Feb '19

'Here you learn things they don't teach you at school'

door Wim Troch
Sunday afternoon. That means tens of thousands of children and young people up and down the country are enjoying the fun and games on offer in youth clubs. Over in Sint-Brixius-Rode (Meise) 10 or so scout leaders are on hand every week to help about 130 boys and girls have a great time.

The various youth movements thrive on healthy competition, but what makes the scouts so different? ‘The biggest  difference is our camping accommodation consists of tents rather than rooms. The camp is the undisputed highlight of the year. Our usual Sunday activities are probably quite similar to those of chiro, for example, except we occasionally learn lashing techniques. When you join the scouts you learn things they don’t teach you at school. How to interact with people, for example. Making friends, playing together,...’