01 May '17

Forensic dentist Eddy De Valck: ‘You do this work for the next of kin’
door Ines Minten

Eddy De Valck is a trailblazer in forensic dentistry in our part of the world. Identifying severely disfigured, unrecognisable victims of disasters from their teeth.
01 Apr '15

A watering hole with secrets to confess
door Michaël Bellon

Located once upon a time within easy reach of Grimbergen's Basilica and Abbey, the famous groene poort (Green Gate) disappeared many moons ago but over in the café named after the distinguished entrance/exit, the beer and conversation has been flowing for more than 100 years.
25 Apr '13

Hats off to Kathleen Robberechts
door RK

The milliner Kathleen Robberechts’ home is the venue for a variety of workshops she organises for various associations. She designs party and summer hats on the basis of commissions.
21 Jan '13

‘The right piece of jewellery'
door RK

It was nearly 25 years ago that the goldsmiths Krista and Grety Vandevelde starting working together in their impressive Grimbergen workshop. The items they produce there may form one single collection but they each have their own signature.