01 Apr '15

A watering hole
with secrets to confess

door Michaël Bellon
Located once upon a time within easy reach of Grimbergen's Basilica and Abbey, the famous groene poort (Green Gate) disappeared many moons ago but over in the café named after the distinguished entrance/exit, the beer and conversation has been flowing for more than 100 years.

Dried hop flowers can be seen hanging above the bar. With its splendid panelling, wooden beam ceiling, tiled floor and stained-glass windows, this establishment certainly merits its listed status, safeguarding it from any thoughts of demolition. The charming In de Groenpoort café has one or two tiny secrets to confess: not only a Wurlitzer jukebox but also a secret passage forming part of a wider system of corridors, running under the adjoining buildings, which used to be connected to the escape route between the Abbey and Castle. (RK, apr 2015)

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