01 Nov '17

Clash over future airport
door Luc Vanheerentals

Eager to roll out an extension and modernisation process, the Brussels Airport Company (BAC) has developed a strategic vision to decide where Zaventem Airport should be by the year 2040.
01 Oct '17

Maria Urbina: ‘A healthy dose of common sense’
door Karla Goetvinck

‘Flemish people are rightly proud of their identity, their history and their language. But maybe it is time to show some flexibility in certain situations? Especially when it comes to helping people who really do need assistance.’ That is Maria Urbina’s vision of how she would like things to be.
01 Dec '15

‘The truth is a lie’
door Patrick Gijssels

People cycling along the Leuven-Brussels high-speed train line sometimes see him. A thin, grey-pigtailed man on a racing bike, a retro bike or a self-constructed, open reclining bicycle. From Herent to the Royal Athenaeum School in Zaventem and back, peddling furiously to cover 50 km a day.
05 May '15

Believing in yourself
door Nathalie Dirix

How has life been treating Svetlana Bolshakova? Five years ago she shared her mixed feelings with us. There was a lot of media attention for this triple jumper at the time but things have now gone quiet for this top Belgian athlete with Russian roots.
01 Feb '15

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes
door Nathalie Dirix

This Metallica fan-cum-art historian hails from Asturias and now lives in Sterrebeek. A fresh start in a foreign country took some getting used to.
17 Sep '12

A builder having a whale of a time
door RK

‘I forgot to keep my eye on the time', is an excuse the Polish-born Andrzej Wachowicz from Zaventem cannot use when he is late for an appointment. Fifteen clocks, watches and timepieces can be seen lying, standing and hanging in his living room, office and kitchen.