01 Jun '17

Special status municipalities: All smoke and mirrors
door Luc Vanheerentals

Relations seem to be changing for the better in some municipalities with language facili-ties, thanks to the arrival of a younger generation of French-speaking politicians. However, appearances are often deceptive.
01 Mar '17

'As calm as a Belgian'
door Nathalie Dirix

It was 12 months ago that Indre Mackeviciute moved to Kraainem with her husband and four daughters. She feels completely at home here, in spite of missing the snow and cold winters in Lithuania.
18 Dec '12

‘Music hath charms...’
door RK

Running a shop selling CDs in the year 2013 might strike some people as not being such a clever idea. ‘The big hitters in the music industry might be running into trouble but the music itself is doing better than ever’, say Mark Steyaert, who owns four shops specialising in classical music and jazz.