01 May '18

No beating around the bush
door Nathalie Dirix

‘My roots are not in the ground but in the air.’ You can tell straight off that Irene Wolf is not pining to return to Austria.
01 Jun '17

Special status municipalities: All smoke and mirrors
door Luc Vanheerentals

Relations seem to be changing for the better in some municipalities with language facili-ties, thanks to the arrival of a younger generation of French-speaking politicians. However, appearances are often deceptive.
01 Jun '17

Baby Love
door Patrick Gijssels

All 39 children attending the Tinkelbel crèche in Sint- Genesius-Rode can count on having a kiss and a hug, a greeting and a chat/babble every morning. However, the job has not got any easier over the years.
01 Apr '16

door Luc Vanheerentals

Flemish Brabant is set to have a net zero carbon footprint by 2040, according to the provincial authority, citing a study to confirm the plan's technical and social feasibility. Towards this end, the municipal authorities are being called upon to achieve a 20% cut in their CO2 emissions by 2020.
22 Oct '12

‘The organ is the ultimate in variety’
door RK

Jean-Paul De Greef from Sint-Genesius-Rode produces organs with wooden pipes. No mean feat considering how little information there is on this subject, so he personally has had to do quite a bit of investigating in this area.