01 Feb '19

The best of both worlds

door Anne Peeters
It is in all the newspapers: Klara (Flemish classical radio station) presenter Heidi Lenaerts (43) is moving to Ostend in July, after spending 10 years in the Flemish Rand.

‘I really enjoyed living in Brussels and the Rand, but now it’s time for something else. We are moving to Ostend. How does the one fit in with the other? Quite simply: the sea is calling.’ ‘I need the hustle and bustle of a city and the peacefulness of a green environment. There has to be a balance between stimulating and restful. Ostend offers both. A combination of nature and culture, of peace and quiet and lively hustle and bustle. The biggest challenge for the Flemish Rand is ensuring that the social fabric is preserved and strengthened, while including newcomers, whatever their origins.’