01 Dec '18

'a need for something greater than our existence'

door Nathalie Dirix
I can’t come to terms with the idea that all the things you’ve built up in your head during a whole lifetime just disappear when you die. I am really amazed by the thought that human beings are awash with a whole ocean of images, feelings and memories.

I cannot accept the thought that this infinity is contained in the finiteness of my body and can disappear in a flash.’ In Levenskunst Stefan Hertmans and Petra De Sutter go in search of what life brings and how that happens. ‘You have to learn to let go to discover the truth and real happiness. Once you have understood that, you realise that happiness has nothing to do with acquiring the latest iPhone. The desire for more has helped humanity achieve progress but a desire that constantly goads us into action can also cause people a lot of misery.’