01 Sep '15

Journey of self-discovery

door Nathalie Dirix
Reiko Seigo from Japan works at Toyota Tsusho's European headquarters in Zaventem and lives in Brussels. Even as a little girl she was curious about Europe. So when she was offered a job in Belgium she jumped at the chance.

'I wanted to get away from the strict Japanese protocol that defines how you should behave. People's lives in Japan are carefully mapped out, particularly in the case of women. That did not fit in with my image of what life should be like. I wanted to do my own thing. Belgium was the start of an exciting journey of self-discovery. 'Seigo has been living here for eight years. She now speaks fluent Dutch and is quite familiar with our customs. ‘In Japan we are much more standoffish. What really pleases me in Belgium is the way people are open with each other. They say what they have to say. People in Japan are so polite that it is taken as an insult if anyone dares to express a different opinion'. (RK, sep 2015)

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