01 Nov '18

Life is a celebration

door Nathalie Dirix
Patricia Morales from Argentina lives in Hoeilaart together with her 10-year-old dog. As well as the leafy region around Brussels, she also adores Brussels, the capital of Europe.

‘It is an exciting testing ground, where you have the opportunity to learn about the coexistence of diversity and solidarity.’ As a formally trained philosopher she knows that: ‘Thinking about life is important but living life is equally important, as we are only here for a short time’. You also have to stay positive in the face of negative news. ‘We should not allow the current polarising trend to lead us to despair’, says Morales, reflecting on the dominant culture. ‘It is well worth the effort to look beyond the news of the day. I still see the beauty of life in all kinds of small miracles around me’. Morales firmly believes in the rich rewards of friendship. ‘You have to be more outward looking to be in closer contact with the world’.