01 Jun '20

Life is something that happens to you

door Nathalie Dirix
As this is the first time they meet each other, Christine Mussche and Guillaume Van der Stighelen are able to speak without any embarrassment. About life’s satisfactions and disappointments. And their ways of dealing with these phenomena.

Mussche: ‘I’ve learned to identify both the positive and the less positive aspects of life. This perspective helps you to go easy on yourself to some extent. I also try to share this attitude with people who have made mistakes. There is a dark place in their lives, but you don’t want to think of them only from that perspective.’ Van der Stighelen: ‘One of the main sources of violence lies in the sense of not being heard. When people feel that their voices are not being listened to, they may become angry, rebellious and susceptible to extremism. It is important to pay serious attention to others. It can help to solve many issues.’