01 Apr '20


door Nathalie Dirix
Music was my first love. And it will be my last. These words more or less sum up our conversation with Eddy Frans and Jef Neve. Two men with completely different backgrounds but with the same fierce passion for music and life.

Jef Neve: ‘Don’t ask me how, but sometimes music can grab hold of me so intensely that it takes me completely outside of myself.’ And: ‘Why is it so hard to see that we are all people who actually want the same things?’

Eddy Frans: ‘Emotional involvement is almost always associated with music for me. I adore lyrics but what touches me most of all is the music.’ And: ‘It is so disheartening to see that we in 2020 are faced with populist positions as a worldwide phenomenon in which every form of nuance seems to be disappearing.’