01 Nov '15

Mutual respect is the key

door Nathalie Dirix

‘Dutch expressions, such as all Belgians are born with a brick in their stomach (have an urge to build) tells me a lot about the way you think. I am also intrigued by the way words are put together in Dutch. Take the word handschoen, for instance, which literally means a shoe for the hand. I think that is a neat combination.’ Carolyn Papadopoulos has Greek-Canadian roots and lives in Grimbergen with her British husband and two Dutch-speaking children. It is no surprise that she embraces different cultures. ‘Living here in the Rand around Brussels and coming into contact with so many different cultures is a source of enrichment.  It challenges us to view things from a different perspective and be open to the opinions of others. The multicultural concept relies heavily on mutual respect.' (RK, nov 2015)