01 Feb '20

Religious heritage centre in Rossem

door Gerard Hautekeur
A one-of-a-kind exhibition on the theme of suffering, dying and resurrection is being held in Rossem Parish Church (Meise) at the end of March 2020.

This exhibition will highlight the church’s new role as a regional religious heritage centre. Father Jan Lagae is fairly upbeat about what the future holds in store for the centre: ‘There are already many religious art objects available such as paintings, sculptures and all kinds of other liturgical objects. Together with the intangible heritage concerning ecclesiastical rituals, processions and traditions. We can also provide access to a treasure trove of religious art to be found in cellars and containers in the churches of Meise and the surrounding area.’ However, Rossem Church is in urgent need of a refurbishment. Some 60% of the 300.000 euro earmarked for the entire renovation programme is being provided by the Flemish Authorities.