01 Mar '21

The appeal of authenticity

door Gerard Hautekeur
The growing interest in authentic speciality beers is a boon for the Lambiek Fabriek in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, and their range of Lambic products. These are mainly distributed via beer suppliers, but also through the hotel and catering industry.

‘Several customers come directly to our brewery,’ says Jo Panneels. ‘Enthusiasts sometimes come from far away to buy their supplies of Lambic beer. Geuze owes its good keeping properties to the manufacturing process. It will keep for five to ten years without any problems.’

‘Not now, during the Corona crisis, of course, but beer tourism is also an added bonus in normal times. Busloads of tourists turn up here to sample and buy our products. We are seeing a growing interest from a younger public during trade fairs and various events. We are responding to the trend by diversifying our line of Lambic beers. Online shopping is also on the rise. Internet shopping sites are reporting a growing interest from abroad.