01 Dec '21

The sound of Radio Rand

door Anne Peeters
When he was a young boy, Bernard Bosch (58) used to dream about making radio broadcasts. Later on he became involved in Flemish cultural activities in Brussels and the Rand. All of these interests combined led to the creation of Radio Rand, ‘the sound of the Pajottenland’.

The new radio station has been on the air, since early October. ‘Radio Rand was launched for two reasons. First of all, we were eager to give the people in the Pajottenland region a forum where they can get in touch with each other. We wanted the radio to be used by associations and so on to publicise their activities, while serving as a showcase for local talent. The idea is to develop a sense of community. The radio station is also intended to be the radio of the people themselves, the radio of the community. The station will provide support to both smaller associations and the larger cultural establishments in the region. We are also very keen on putting Pajottenland back on the map, after being somewhat neglected in recent times.’