01 Apr '19

Diversity is an opportunity

door Nathalie Dirix

More and more companies and organisations are beginning to see diversity as an asset because ‘By attracting people from different backgrounds (gender, culture, age, religion,...), you can acquire a wealth of experiences, insights and ways of thinking for your company’, says Robert Baker from the HR consulting firm Mercer. ‘Our company seeks to reflect the diverse society in which we now live, not only because that’s how it should be but also because diversity is good for your bottom line,’ says Kristof Goffings from Ikea. ‘Our target group approach has shifted in recent years towards a policy based on diversity. Our starting point now is not the differences between people but each person’s uniqueness. Everyone is different. Everyone has different talents. Above all, let us not judge these differences, but regard them as a rich resource so as to be able to move away from stereotypical thinking and focus more on well-being’, says Diane Cauwenberghs from Brussels Airlines.