01 Jun '20

Art needs to be felt

door Nathalie Dirix
Andrej Babenko was 14 when he decided to leave his homeland, Ukraine.

‘I wanted more freedom in my life. I thought I’d find it in St. Petersburg at first, but eventually, 10 years later, I found it in Belgium. He is now living a quiet life in Duisburg with his wife and two young children. So it would seem, because Babenko is not only a good family man, he is also likes to paint scenes evoking the sensation of a furious whirlwind. ‘Painting allows me to shape my feelings. My works feature not only a lot of darkness but also a certain amount of luminosity. It’s often about building up, demolishing and then rebuilding. This dual character appeals to me. When I see art I want to feel something. Emotions and art go hand in hand as far as I’m concerned’.