01 Nov '23

Bridging cultures through language and optimism
door Nathalie Dirix

Ana Monteiro embraces the spirit of Brazilian optimism in her life. Her positive outlook inspired her to learn Dutch six years ago so now she can greet visitors to Tervuren library with a warm smile and speak to them in Dutch.
01 Jun '23

There is a rhythm to everything
door Nathalie Dirix

Jolie Odia Manzanza arrived in Ruisbroek about 10 years ago. ‘Leaving Congo was not initially part of my plan. I led a fascinating life over there, thanks to my work as an organiser of cultural events. However, I decided to move to Belgium so that I could live with my husband.’
01 Oct '22

A country with a more human face
door Nathalie Dirix

Anja Pohler works as a German teacher at the Goethe Institute in Brussels. Languages have always been her passion. Mastering Dutch as quickly as possible was the obvious thing for her to do.
01 Jun '22

Fear of the unknown
door Nathalie Dirix

Meriama Boukhriss from Vilvoorde leads a busy life throughout the year, working full time, and being the mother of a son (6) and daughter (5).
01 Jun '20

Art needs to be felt
door Nathalie Dirix

Andrej Babenko was 14 when he decided to leave his homeland, Ukraine.
01 Apr '20

Active thinking
door Nathalie Dirix

Gwyneth Igoe works during the day as a teacher in an international school in Tervuren, while her evening activities include singing in The Parent’s Choir in Wezembeek-Oppem and taking Dutch lessons in Kraainem.
24 Jan '15

Nieuwe verdeling RandKrant
door RandKrant

The next issue (in February 2015) will be delivered to all letter boxes on the western side of the Rand (from north to south: Meise, Wemmel, Merchtem, Asse, Dilbeek, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw,…
24 Nov '14

Service notification
door RandKrant

We have a mixed bag of good news and bad news to bring to you.