01 Sep '16

Pat Van Hemelrijck: 'starting something new with a fresh outlook'

door Ines Minten
Pat Van Hemelrijck from Linkebeek has been involved in the theatre for 40 years now. He used to be a member of the legendary Radeis company. He subsequently set up the Alibi Collectief. The common features in everything he did were the unusual objects and materials.

 Van Hemelrijck often used recycled materials. ‘Recycling is like returning to your childhood. Youngsters nowadays think these things are weird because they have no connection with their world. That is what I find exciting about the show we are now working on for children: you learn how to look back. You have to think about what your story looks like for your audience and adopt a roundabout approach to looking at what you are producing. This helps you to rediscover your inner child. It is a refreshing experience and it is vital to keep on nurturing that younger self.’

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