01 Jun '18

Far from the madding crowd

door Ines Minten
Singer and musician Daan Stuyven enjoys living in his magical setting in the midst of Overijse’s greenery but he would not take kindly to suggestions that he might be stuck in a rut there.

He continues to take care of all the various sides of his profession: writing lyrics, producing and mixing music, making video clips or designing CD covers. ‘If I was told I could be nothing but a musician for the rest of my life I would start looking for another line of work. When you play for a thousand-strong audience in the evening, with all the noise and chaos that involves, it is heavenly to return home and be greeted with all that silence, sleep with the windows open and hear nothing but birdsong. Well, there’s an age for everything,’ he laughs. ‘I still have fond memories of the crazy years when I used to be racing around night and day. The busier the better. But that sort of life is a bit like a high-performance sport. I can do without so much of that now.’