01 Nov '15

‘Two sides of the same coin’

door Ines Minten

The likeable and charismatic news presenter Wim De Vilder is a familiar face to viewers of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT. His father Herman worked for a long time in the educational sector, wrote articles, art books, songs and even penned one or two scripts for the legendary serial Schipper naast Mathilde. He is one of the driving forces behind the School of Tervuren and the Hof van Melijn Museum. ‘Wim used to be my son and now I am his father, if you understand what I mean’, jokes Herman. Outwardly they do not resemble each other but they are often told that their characters are very similar. ‘We have a certain way of doing things, according to Herman. Wim: ‘We have the same interests and what few talents we have are two sides of the same coin', he laughs. ‘Absentmindedness is also something we have in common. And always being busy.’ (RK, nov 2015)

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