01 Sep '18

Three mayors set to drop out of politics

door Luc Vanheerental
Whatever the outcome of the October municipal elections, no less than three mayors will be disappearing from the Flemish Rand’s political scene in 2019: Dirk Brankaer from Overijse, Eddie De Block from Merchtem and Marleen Mertens from Grimbergen.

How do they look back on their political careers? And where can local administrators hope to make a difference? A mayor’s main task involves ‘making connections and helping to mediate’, according to these three experienced officials. ‘Mayors have to ensure that their management teams operate like well-oiled machines, all in the interests of the community. You cannot expect people to always be in perfect agreement but the main thing is to avoid working against each other.’ In their opinion, a mayor should also be the main point of contact for the members of the public.