01 Dec '23

Future-proofing Vlaams-Brabant

door Luc Vanheerentals
Careful use of space, core consolidation and space for nature and water: these are the guiding principles of the Spatial Policy Plan for Vlaams-Brabant. Rubber-stamped by the Provincial Council in October, after 10 years of preparation, the plan is designed to tackle the many challenges the province will be facing over the next few decades.

Given that the area is projected to accommodate 44.000 more households by 2030, compared with 2015, the idea is to streamline land-use planning for the next 25 years. In the new vision for the future, the aspiration is to have people living, working, and thriving within the hearts of cities and villages while preserving the open spaces in between. New residences and amenities will preferably be developed in close proximity, ensuring that these core areas are easily accessible by both public transport and bicycles.