01 Sep '18

Ploughing their own furrows

door Nathalie Dirix
Wim Distelmans. Josse De Pauw. The pair of them from the same year. They both followed their own paths. And look where they ended up. Far from the beaten paths. Closer to their true selves.

De Pauw: ‘Art is my life. Writing, reading, watching performances – I couldn’t do without them. But art is also a key forum within our society, a forum where everything is permissible. Artists enjoy the freedom to push boundaries. Just as the audience is free to applaud or boo’. Distelmans: ‘We in the medical field often make the mistake of believing we know all about our patients’ feelings and can do their thinking for them. Sometime ago I asked a patient who was close to death if I could do something for him. He asked me to move the vase on the windowsill so that he could look through the window. This was of vital importance for him at that moment in time.’