01 Nov '18

Scan of our spaces

door Bart Claes
‘The Bouwmeester Scan is designed to help municipalities with their spatial planning for people and nature in a liveable environment, says the Flemish Chief Architect Leo Van Broeck.

The scan is being used to detect the spatial challenges the Rand municipalities have to contend with. What policy should local authorities adopt to ensure their citizens can enjoy pleasant, environmentally friendly living conditions. The (wider) Rand municipalities of Overijse, Huldenberg, Beersel and Halle are amongst the 30 municipalities in Flanders that have signed up for this spatial audit. The basic principle is to focus on densifying mobility routes and urban cores, while safeguarding open space as much as possible. But what does this mean in practice for each municipality and what is the best approach for them to adopt? Converting empty factory buildings into homes? Building upwards?