01 Oct '20

Exploring the Ring

door Wim Troch
Up to 200,000 vehicles a day travel on the Ring around Brussels. Many of the places the route runs through were mainly fields before it was completed, back in 1978.

Some 70% of the 75-km road is located in the Flemish Region, one quarter in the Walloon area, and a mere 5.5 km in the Brussels-Capital Region. The Ring does not form a border with Brussels, as is sometimes thought, as entire areas of Flanders, such as Sint-StevensWoluwe, Diegem, Koningslo, Strombeek-Bever, are situated on the inside of the Ring. Major works are set to start on the Ring in the near future. Traffic flows can sometimes be quite chaotic, as the Ring has no fewer than seven interchanges with other motorways and a total of 29 entrances and exits. In the following issues of RandKrant, we will be taking an eight-stage journey along the Brussels Ring Road, while investigating the planned work in more detail and focusing on all the things there are to see and do alongside the Ring.