01 Nov '20

Coping in a time of crisis

door Nathalie Dirix
‘I can’t imagine staying on the sidelines during this coronavirus crisis’, says Anouk Van Leynseele, head of paediatrics at the Jan Portaels general hospital, in Vilvoorde.

‘In times like these, you want to make yourself useful and help people. And yes, that has definitely had an effect on family life. During the lockdown we didn’t see anyone outside our own little bubble. I am struggling with the uncertainties of the pandemic. What else is coming our way? But I have also learned not to think too much about what the future holds in store for me. I do all I can to focus on the patient in front of me. What can I do to help him/her in the best possible way? The feeling of impotence is hard to bear. Working in the garden helps to take me out of myself a bit. My children are also a great source of distraction’.