01 Sep '22

Abbey brewing up a storm

door Anne Peeters
How does a priest become a brewer?

Karel Stautemas: ‘It is not all that surprising for a member of the Norbertine community, as brewing is part of our tradition. In the abbeys of our order, people have traditionally been involved in brewing, or making cheese or bread. After becoming provisor of Grimbergen Abbey in 2010, I was made responsible for maintenance, requisites and the financial side of life at the abbey. Prior to that, I had always engaged in pastoral duties. I soon realised how important it was to boost our income so as to guarantee the abbey’s survival over the coming decades. And lo and behold, Grimbergen beer seemed to offer a solution to this problem. Our microbrewery is a laboratory for developing new Grimbergen beers. The Fenikshof discovery centre is the perfect place to sample the different types of beer and decide which beverage suits you best.’