01 Apr '23

A love affair with Belgium

door Nathalie Dirix
It has now been three years since Maria and Oleg Bujac decided to start a new life in Belgium. ‘We fell in love with this country during one autumn holiday.’

Maria and Oleg now live in Asse with their two daughters. Has their love affair with Belgium continued? ‘We still think Belgium is a magnificent country thanks to its beautiful architecture and easy-going attitude. It took some getting used to, having to stand on our own two feet in a foreign country. The fact that my Moldovan master’s degree in economics was not recognised came as something as a shock, but I am not someone who gives up easily. I started an intensive Dutch language course and trained to become an administrative assistant. I am also working as a volunteer in the integration department of the Public Social Welfare Centre in Asse. A key goal in life is to provide a better future for our daughters.’