01 Dec '23

Brussels and de Rand, a love-hate relationship?

door Anne Peeters
Historian and political thinker Anton Jäger.

‘There is something perplexing or disorienting about Brussels. Brussels residents are now experiencing a sense of bewilderment in the 21st century. Brussels is a city without any direction, its present and future are unclear. Instead of a debate being initiated about everyone’s aspirations for the future of the country and Brussels, media conflicts are being waged that contribute nothing at all to these essential questions. We must boldly tackle the Belgian question: what is the unifying principle that will bind together the new Belgium? If not the national football team, the Red Devils, what else could act as a cohesive force? Over the last two centuries, Belgium has forged a tapestry of social and economic accomplishments, cultivating a generous welfare state. These strides have undeniably unfolded within the confines of a Belgian context. Do we want to safeguard this legacy?’