01 Mar '18

Time and time again

door Karla Goetvinck
Classes where everyone in all their diversity can be themselves. Where teachers have the right teaching skills to turn this diversity into an asset.

Dutch as something that connects people rather than divides them. Space for everyone. Schools with the gates wide open. And above all, a big-hearted determination to re-start the process time and time again. It is the dream of the head of the Community education system Raymonda Verdyck.

Things change so quickly but I am optimistic. I hear a lot of positive reports. I see three major educational challenges facing the Rand: the need to improve the infrastructure, to attract more teachers to the profession and to deal with the growing level of poverty. Itis important to involve parents and for schools to be accessible. But we are still faced with the challenge of having to start over and over again. There is always a new intake so it is a never-ending task.