01 Jun '22

Fear of the unknown

door Nathalie Dirix
Meriama Boukhriss from Vilvoorde leads a busy life throughout the year, working full time, and being the mother of a son (6) and daughter (5).

It is often a bit of a juggling act trying to get everything done. Luckily, she has the summer holidays to recharge her batteries. As for the values she would like to pass on to her children, ‘The same values our parents gave us. Trying to be a good person. Always doing your best. Working hard.’ Boukhriss is also very much in favour of other fundamental values. ‘Compulsory education, gender equality, the freedom to say what you think,…’ She thinks it’s a pity that a lot of people in our society are still ruled by a fear of the unknown. She calls for people to be more willing to listen and adopt an openminded attitude.