01 May '23

A national road trip through Tervuren

door Luc Vander Elst
Ten ‘N roads’ lead to Brussels and cross the Vlaamse Rand. The route we’re taking this time goes along the N3, which runs from Brussels and passes through Leuven, Tienen, Sint-Truiden, and Liège before reaching Germany.

Within the Rand itself, this road crosses the territory of Tervuren. From the border between Vossem and Leefdaal, we drive in the direction of Brussels. Along the way our attention is suddenly drawn to a new housing estate in the middle of nowhere. It’s hard to believe that this is still possible in this day and age. Our journey takes us past Zwette Jean and the Africa Museum with its elephant statue before the entrance, the terminus of the 44 tramline, the impressive Tervurenlaan, the Jazz Fountain, and the remarkable 11-storey Flexi Space office building with its coloured snails climbing the facade, almost as if to say ‘slowly does it’.