01 Jun '23

There is a rhythm to everything

door Nathalie Dirix
Jolie Odia Manzanza arrived in Ruisbroek about 10 years ago. ‘Leaving Congo was not initially part of my plan. I led a fascinating life over there, thanks to my work as an organiser of cultural events. However, I decided to move to Belgium so that I could live with my husband.’

Despite facing difficulties during her first years in Belgium, she refused to give up. She spoke about the frustration of sending out over a thousand job applications without receiving a single response. ‘I am now employed as a child minder at a childcare centre in Kortenberg. I love the spontaneity of the children and the contacts with parents.’ She believes it’s crucial for every stage of life to have a distinct pace and flow. ‘Living and moving in sync with that rhythm can help us become happier individuals.’