01 Feb '15

'And where are you from?'

door Michaël Bellon
What most of the cafes in this series have in common is that they are to be found in localities where people never go just on spec. The cafes survive not because of random passers-by but thanks to a loyal family of customers, who grew up with the furniture.

 This has implications for occasional visitors entering these kinds of cafes for the first time. You cannot expect to blend in with the other drinkers in these places and this may be especially true in the case of the Kareeloven. The cafe is established in an isolated house situated between fields, close to but also very far away from Ninoofsesteenweg. In Zierbeek, one of the many hamlets to found in Schepdaal, which is itself a municipal district of Dilbeek. Once the friendly landlady has served your drink, the inevitable question is then: ‘And where are you from?’ (RK, feb 2015)

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