01 Nov '14

Something old
and something new

door Michaël Bellon
Old and young alike is a fitting description for the atmosphere experienced in ‘t Hoeksken in Wemmel. The nostalgic setting reflects a long history but the dynamic management – fourth generation in a direct line of descent – effortlessly succeeds in combining tradition and innovation.

’t Hoeksken refers to a corner, so the café definitely merits its name. The property may be completely detached from all others but it is a kind of corner building. The door is also in the corner so when you enter the bar the counter is immediately in front of you. This is very convenient for ordering something and there behind the counter ready to serve you is Anke Vertongen or one of her staff. ‘A café is often a matter of routine but there is never a dull moment thanks to the con- stantly surprising conversations and happenings’.

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