01 May '16

'A bike is not a plaything'

door Patrick Gijssels
‘Some people manage to buy a brand-new bike over the Internet for a bargain price. As they are incapable of setting up it themselves, they are not at all embarrassed to come and ask me to do it for them. My answer is would you dare to take a steak along with you to a restaurant?’

 A bicycle repairer with JP Bikes in Ruisbroek, Johan Peremans does not mince his words. After 18 years he is literarily and figuratively aware of what is for sale on the market.

‘I know that a €100-bike is unsafe. It’s rubbish.’ The bicycles he sells are all compliant with European safety standards. ‘I offer an after-sales service, I need a bicycle repairer qualification and a business management certificate but nota supermarket.’ Bicycles have improved a great deal since Peremans started in the business. ‘First and foremost, they have become much safer.’

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