01 Sep '15

 ‘Politics is an integral part of everyday life’

door Ines Minten
Nineteen-year-old Nozizwe Dube fled from Zimbabwe to Tervuren six years ago. She really concentrated on learning Dutch, determined to be able to speak the language fluently. At the start of this year, she became the chairperson of and spokesperson for the Flemish Youth Council.

Her job is to defend the interests of children and young people with an eye to the major players in the political and policymaking arenas. 'I hesitated about getting involved in politics. It all seemed so far removed from my personal life and I had my doubts about whether I could actually change or contribute anything. However, once I got started, I realised my thinking was completely wrong: politics is actually an integral part of everyday life. 'The Flemish Youth Council chose four themes as the focal points of its programme: work, psychological well-being, political participation, and savings in relation to youth and youth policy. 'In three years from now, when my time at the helm of the Flemish Youth Council is over, I'd like to look back and say: people, what a fine job we have done here.' (RK, sep 2015)

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