01 Feb '19

The best of both worlds
door Anne Peeters

It is in all the newspapers: Klara (Flemish classical radio station) presenter Heidi Lenaerts (43) is moving to Ostend in July, after spending 10 years in the Flemish Rand.
01 Nov '18

Life is a celebration
door Nathalie Dirix

Patricia Morales from Argentina lives in Hoeilaart together with her 10-year-old dog. As well as the leafy region around Brussels, she also adores Brussels, the capital of Europe.
01 Jun '18

Far from the madding crowd
door Ines Minten

Singer and musician Daan Stuyven enjoys living in his magical setting in the midst of Overijse’s greenery but he would not take kindly to suggestions that he might be stuck in a rut there.
01 May '18

No beating around the bush
door Nathalie Dirix

‘My roots are not in the ground but in the air.’ You can tell straight off that Irene Wolf is not pining to return to Austria.
01 Apr '18

'Shared experiences'
door Ines Minten

Beukelaers does not know the meaning of a leisurely retirement. He is 80 years old but seems to be bowling through life like someone in their early thirties. Last week London, tomorrow Paris but he managed to squeeze this interview in between the two visits.
01 Feb '18

Koen Clement: Director-General of the biennial cultural festival Europalia
door Ines Minten

After 20 years in the media and nine in the world of publishing, Koen Clement was appointed Director-General of the biennial cultural festival Europalia. The one focused on Indonesia is pretty much over.
01 Feb '18

Beverley Johnson: Capturing the beauty of nature
door Nathalie Dirix

Home to Beverley Johnson is anywhere where she feels attuned to the power of nature. Beverley is from the United Kingdom but has been living in Tervuren for over 21…
01 Nov '17

Nabil Hasaballa: an Egyptian on the other side of the sea
door Nathalie Dirix

‘My determination and the power of curiosity are what brought me to Europe. Or as an Egyptian expression so aptly describes it: I wanted to see the other side of the sea.’ Nabil Hasaballa was 19 when he made up his mind to leave Egypt.
01 Oct '17

Figurandt: Thomas Valkeniers from Pajota real estate agency
door Ines Minten

It was 20 years ago that Thomas Valkeniers took over the Pajota real estate agency in Dilbeek and he now runs four offices. He has seen quite a lot of changes in his line of business and market trends over the years.
01 Sep '17

Tatiana Potapova: ‘Art as a haven’
door Nathalie Dirix

Of Russian descent, Tatiana Potapova has spent eight of her 20 years living in Belgium in Tervuren. Her recent career change decision meant adopting a new lifestyle focused on her love for the arts.
01 Jun '17

Baby Love
door Patrick Gijssels

All 39 children attending the Tinkelbel crèche in Sint- Genesius-Rode can count on having a kiss and a hug, a greeting and a chat/babble every morning. However, the job has not got any easier over the years.
01 May '17

Forensic dentist Eddy De Valck: ‘You do this work for the next of kin’
door Ines Minten

Eddy De Valck is a trailblazer in forensic dentistry in our part of the world. Identifying severely disfigured, unrecognisable victims of disasters from their teeth.
01 Apr '17

'You can't beat quality'
door Patrick Gijssels

Based in Asse, Sandra Van Goethem and Amy Maertens are running a wholesale business supplying hairdressing products, beauty products and nail care supplies.
01 Mar '17

Figurandt: Lydia Chagoll
door Nathalie Dirix

Dancer, filmmaker, writer, humanist and, first and foremost, an expert in the art of living. Lydia Chagoll is a wise person who has a common theme running through her life: opposing injustice.
01 Mar '17

'As calm as a Belgian'
door Nathalie Dirix

It was 12 months ago that Indre Mackeviciute moved to Kraainem with her husband and four daughters. She feels completely at home here, in spite of missing the snow and cold winters in Lithuania.
01 Feb '17

Increased workload
door Patrick Gijssels

‘Take an aerial photo of my desk so you can see what I am working on, laughs Jan De Gols, swinging his arm around the room. Every square inch of office or desk space is covered with folders, files, cardboard boxes and documents. De Gols is the sustainability officer for Meise municipal authority.
01 Dec '16

Smitten by sea creatures
door Gerard Hautekeur

Marine biologist Joëlle De Weerdt (29) from Grimbergen is fascinated by whales and dolphins. She spends three months every year undertaking scientific research in Nicaragua.She also trains fishermen there to…
01 Nov '16

The importance of quality food
door Patrick Gijssels

1772 is the date the old farmhouse belonging to Jos Van den Houte and Kathleen Laureys was built. The couple's 'Potaerdehoeve' dairy farm boasts 130 dairy cows and 100 head of young cattle, for which they use a milking robot and an automatic manure scraper.
01 Nov '16

Happy endings with a bit of a hitch
door Ines Minten

Crime writers Patrick De Bruyn and Jos Pierreux were both born in Halle. They ran around on the same playground for many years. They are now writing crime fiction. Both…
01 Oct '16

Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein
door Nathalie Dirix

‘I believe in Europe.’ With these words Thomas Scheen set the tone of our conversation from the outset. The resident of Tervuren with German roots speaks of a vital need to draw lessons from history.
01 Sep '16

Pat Van Hemelrijck: 'starting something new with a fresh outlook'
door Ines Minten

Pat Van Hemelrijck from Linkebeek has been involved in the theatre for 40 years now. He used to be a member of the legendary Radeis company. He subsequently set up the Alibi Collectief. The common features in everything he did were the unusual objects and materials.
01 May '16

'A bike is not a plaything'
door Patrick Gijssels

‘Some people manage to buy a brand-new bike over the Internet for a bargain price. As they are incapable of setting up it themselves, they are not at all embarrassed to come and ask me to do it for them. My answer is would you dare to take a steak along with you to a restaurant?’
01 Apr '16

Turn your face to the future
door Nathalie Dirix

He was 12 years old in 1980 when he became a refugee fleeing Vietnam by boat. That was the start of an eventful struggle for survival for Cuong Luat Nguyen and his two brothers. Their destination was a country where they could start a new life in peace and freedom.
01 Mar '16

door Ines Minten

Josée Lemaître spent 10 years working as general administrator for the Flemish Government's Research Department. There she was positioned at the source of all the flows of information.
01 Dec '15

‘The truth is a lie’
door Patrick Gijssels

People cycling along the Leuven-Brussels high-speed train line sometimes see him. A thin, grey-pigtailed man on a racing bike, a retro bike or a self-constructed, open reclining bicycle. From Herent to the Royal Athenaeum School in Zaventem and back, peddling furiously to cover 50 km a day.
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