01 Sep '15

Journey of self-discovery
door Nathalie Dirix

Reiko Seigo from Japan works at Toyota Tsusho's European headquarters in Zaventem and lives in Brussels. Even as a little girl she was curious about Europe. So when she was offered a job in Belgium she jumped at the chance.
01 Sep '15

‘Politics is an integral part of everyday life’
door Ines Minten

Nineteen-year-old Nozizwe Dube fled from Zimbabwe to Tervuren six years ago. She really concentrated on learning Dutch, determined to be able to speak the language fluently. At the start of this year, she became the chairperson of and spokesperson for the Flemish Youth Council.
01 Jun '15

‘Saving as many lives as possible’
door Maarten Croes

A treatment for Parkinson's disease has led to a breakthrough in cancer research. A discovery by Pierre Sonveaux from Sterrebeek attracted the attention of the international press last year.
26 May '15

Robert Rimez: ‘These boots are made for walking’
door Mathieu Goedefroy

Robert Rimez from Sint-Pieters-Leeuw is a man with a passionate interest. As a result of 2.000 kilometres of hiking within the space of one year, he knows the area like…
05 May '15

Believing in yourself
door Nathalie Dirix

How has life been treating Svetlana Bolshakova? Five years ago she shared her mixed feelings with us. There was a lot of media attention for this triple jumper at the time but things have now gone quiet for this top Belgian athlete with Russian roots.
01 Apr '15

Bad cases of the reading bug
door Ines Minten

All it takes is one - the right book in the right place and away you go. Boredom is a thing of past now that you have stories at your fingertips. Journeys to embark upon in your imagination. Hugo and his daughter Sigrid Bousset both lead literature-saturated lives.
01 Feb '15

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes
door Nathalie Dirix

This Metallica fan-cum-art historian hails from Asturias and now lives in Sterrebeek. A fresh start in a foreign country took some getting used to.
01 Dec '14

The unattainable dream
door Joke Bellen

Although the chances of him succeeding in the world of football seemed to be very slim indeed, Geert De Vlieger ended up playing in goal for Anderlecht and the national team. ‘When I was a kid I used to play for an unexceptional third provincial league team. Just for the fun of it.'
01 Nov '13

'Literature lends history a voice'
door Ines Minten

It took the author Stefan Hertmans 30 years before he dared to open the notebooks containing his grandfather’s memoires. Three years later and his grandfather has become a fictional character and the memoires a book.
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